Oracle in 2011


This blog item highlights some points of Oracle for 2011 that will be be important for 2011.

Cloud in a box

As Larry Ellison stressed out:
The new competitive battleground in corporate IT will be centered on optimizing the performance of hardware-plus-software systems that have been specifically engineered for superior performance, speed of installation, and minimum of integration.
He wants to fight IBM for the #1 position on the high end computing servers. Its about the Exadata, Exalogic, and Sparc Superclusters machines.

For me as a Fusion Middleware guy I am curious in the Exalogic proposition and when I can first use it and develop on it here in the Netherlands.

Fusion Middleware Suite

Oracle has made a great step forward with the Middleware Fusion 11g stack, which is better integrated. The new 12c (c=Cloud) is on its way too !
The product is more integrated with fault management framework and security policy framework. It also contains the Event Delivery Network, with which you can 
define and use Business Events in a Publish-Subscribe model.


Oracle will target at a full delivery from hardware and software, in the public- or private Cloud, on heavy machines and fully integrated.
I am curious to see if the Oracle Application Integration Architecture will pay off in the Netherlands as well.

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