Oracle ADF and Fusion Middleware

Today I browsed through some nice sessions on the Oracle ADF Framework.
I heard from the framework but not know what I can expect from the Framework and how it is related to SOA and Fusion Middleware.
The Framework is actually quite big and implements the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern which makes GUI development easier to develop and maintain.

Oracle sets it as "next generation" Web User Interfaces for
  • Fusion Applications
  • Middleware components like Enterprise Manager
  • WebCenter Spaces

The next picture shows an overview of the components of ADF.

So I asked myself how is this Framework to be positioned with Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPM Suite and Oracle Service Bus?
The next picture shows its place.

In my view within a SOA 5-layering architecture:

  • ADF can perfectly be used within the development of the presentation layer.
  • The OSB is generally used as an abstraction between all 5 layers. This means that all Services (Task Services, Entity Services and Utility Services) are exposed through OSB

But as I said, I am not an ADF expert, so ADF experts out there, how do you place ADF within your SOA Architecture?

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