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I am a fairly newby within the Microservices world but i have more experience with Service Oriented Architecture, Event Driven Architectures and more. So lately i began to read more about the architecture style of Microservices. When I read about within each blog item or news item i come across a new name of a tool/framework. So the idea came to try to make a reference architecture and a toolsheet in which each tool is mapped to that reference architecture. I have come to a state that i can use your help! Which concepts are missing and which tools can i add?
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Reference Architecture

This is my first go of a kind of hybrid Microservices reference architecture, in which an integration layer is used to expose COTS products and legacy.

Tool/framework sheet

The next sheet is freely available and contains a list of tools and frameworks, that can be used within the Microservices ecosystem. I know it is nearly complete, so thats why i need you!
The type is the most clearest characteristic of the tool. The other characteristics are also present. This list of characteristics needs to be extended too. And also here your help is helfull !

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