WSO2 ESB 5.0.0: Data Mapper

One of the features i missed within the WSO2 Developer Studio was a data mapper.
We had to write our own XSLT or PayloadFactory within the product.
But everything is going to change with the release of ESB 5.0.0 !

Or is it ? ....

There is a first blog item on the datamapper that i read and tried:

A very good blog indeed. However when i tried the new developer studio, i was somehow disappointed. I am positive about the fact that the Mapper is a real resource (even project) now. But i miss a lot of features (like for example XPath functions, if-then-else-construct, constraints) within the mapper.

As you can see from the picture below, only the following operators are supported:

  • Concat
  • Split
  • LowerCase
  • UpperCase

And when you investigate the generated project files, you will notice that JScript? is generated to do the actual mapping.

So my first impression is disappointed but it is a good start ! Hopefully new features and operations will be added soon, because at the moment i doubt if it is production ready.

But hey that's my opinion ;-)

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