WSO2 API Management in DTAP

Using the WSO2 API Manager in a DTAP environment is slightly different than for example the ESB product. Nadeesha has written a good article about it: http://wso2.com/library/articles/2016/03/article-architecting-a-multi-environment-api-manager-deployment-with-wso2-api-manager/

My conclusion of the article and some take aways:

  • API Manager does not use Carbon Archive files because API Manager artifacts are both stored on file system and database
  • Use import/export facility to migrate APIs
  • There is also a bulk tool available to import/export a bulk of APIs
  • Environment specific attributes must be given as parameters
The downside of that last point is that each time new parameters are added, you must restart the API server.

Each backend will have its own endpoints, so this will require new parameters.
I would recommend a seperate file that must be imported within the wso2server.bat file.

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