OpenText Innovation Days 2014 in Eindhoven

Yesterday i visited the OpenText Innovation Days in Eindhoven. This event was held in the Evoluon, which in the early days was an exhibition hall for future products. This was the first place where i ever listened to a CD. Nowadays it is a nice conference place.

The event was all about data / content / information in other words Enterprise Information Management (EIM). This is understandable because there is where OpenText is at its best, but due to some recent acquisitions they have a nice complete portfolio now to help customers innovate and be agile.

Project RedOxygen

OpenText has done a lot of acquisitions lately and the project RedOxygen is integrating all these produkts, so that consistent and integrated suites are developed. This leads to the fact that all suites will have the same look-and-feel eventually. The suites can integrate easier with each other. For example with the AppWorks component suites are accessible through a RESTfull API. 


OpenText has a number of Suites that helps bringing the right information to the right person at the right time to the device wanted by the users. These are the:
  • Content Suite
    For storing your documents and govern your documents and data
  • Experience Suite
    This is a suite for marketing functionality, so that marketing is done at the right time, to the right channels in a fast and agile way.
  • Discovery Suite
    This suite lets you find your data more easily searching several sources.
  • Information exchange Suite
    For echanging information through different channels.
  • Process Suite
    This is the suite that brings it all together using BPM, Case Management, Cloud and integration.
As my interest was mainly in process suite, i attended most of the process suite breakout sessions.

Process Suite 10.5 launched

On the 19th March the OpenText Process Suite is officially launched during the OpenText Innovation Days.
As described in one of my previous blogs the suite contains a couple of new components compared to Cordys 4.3 (Note that all OpenText Suites have the same version number now).

Some new exciting components are:

  • AppWorks
    This lets you integrate more easily with the other suites of OpenText from within your workflows, BPMs or case management
  • OpenText Process Intelligence
    It adds more BI possibilities within the suite and extended BAM features. 
  • Process Component Library
    To give you a quick start with developing you can use a lot of ready-to-use components right out-of-the box.
  • Case Management Application
    This is a ready-to-use application that sits on top of Cordys, thats gives you a full blown application, that only needs high level configuration.
  • Process Experience
    This is the HTML5 unified interface to give Cordys a more flashy look-and-feel. In the past the UI (XForms) of Cordys was one of the weakest features. A transition has been made to make the UIs HTML5. CAF and XForms is still also used but in the future this will all be migrated to HTML5.
  • BPM Everywhere
    This component gives you the Social and Mobile features that can be integrated within your processes. Hope to see more on this soon.
The whole suite can be retrieved under 1 license (excluding Process Intelligence). There are also some add-ons: Process Intelligence, ProVision and Capture Center. The Cloud Provisioning (CCP) is separately licensed (just like currently is the case).


Ciber also was sponsor and can help in EIM solutions.


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