OpenText Process Suite 10.5 platform


With the acquisition of Cordys this year, i was curious about the integration with OpenText. At the Enterprise World 2013 some insight is already given. This will be a short recap.
You may also listen to Brian Wick here.

Process Suite 10.5 Platform

There was a tweet from @r that showed the content of the process suite platform of OpenText.

It also shows that Cordys is rebranded to "OpenText Cordys 10.5". The platform and BPM offering of OpenText can be visualized as:

The suite is composed of several components:

  • OpenText Cordys 10.5This is the core component of the suite with BPM and Case Management 
  • Unified UIThere comes a unified UI with HTML5 support that is integrated within BMPM, Case360, Process360 and Execute360
  • BPM EverywhereThis is a new social platform that lets users collaborate on cases.
  • AppWorks GatewayThis gives a set of RESTfull APIs on top of OpenText EIM produkts to integrate the data, taken from EIM, with the processes.
  • Process IntelligenceComponent for businesss intelligence and analytics
  • Process Component LibraryThis is a set of components that can be used by IT or business to assemble applications.
  • Cloud ProvisioningAll developed apps can be made available to the Cloud using the Cloud Provisioning component

There are a few ways to develop BPM apps:

  • Packaged AppsThese are apps that are fully pre-developed and only need some configurations. This way customers have a fast solution.
  • Assembled AppsWith the use of the Process Component Library customers can easy and quickly develop new apps.
  • Model Driven AppsWith the use of the BPM development environment, customers can make custom apps.
  • Coded AppsWith the use of the AppWorks gateway, customers can easily expose data with this API.

Also more information can be found on Process Suite 10.5: 

Process Suite 10.5

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