Use your common sense

Nowadays there are a lot of standard processes within healthcare, school and IT. That takes away our ability to think for ourselfs. I see that people use the processes as an excuse and do not think for themselves anymore. How can i help my customer for the best, or how can i teach this child for the best.

I have read the following book of Barry Schwartz: Practical Wisdom

I really liked the book and i can recommend it, because it gives inspiration to think about.
How can i help my customer for the best?
Is this the solution that will help my customer?
I understand that we need rules, standards and processes, but that does not mean that those are the holy grail.
That's why i like a more Agile approach than working out big plans, that may have changed before you even finished the plan. Sitting together with the customer thinking about the best solution at that time.

Very inspiring book !

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