Creating KPI with Cordys BAM


In a previous Blog I showed how to create a Dashboard from a Business Measure. In this Blog I will show how to create a KPI (Key Performance Indicator). As can be seen from the picture, a KPI is based on a Business Measure. A Business Measure measures parts of a process or data and a KPI monitors whether the measured part reaches a particular value. So:
KPI helps to monitor and capture critical information pertaining to Business Process or Activity.

Step 1 - Create Business Measure for KPI

First you have to create a Business Measure on which the KPI will be based. In this example we take a Webservice as the source for the business measure.
  • Create Business Measure
  • Fill in the following details, and choose the correct Webservice
  • Click Next and Select New to create a new webservice
  • Click Finish
The Business Measure and its corresponding webservice is generated.

The UnitsinstocksMeasure can be used in a Dashboard.

Step 2 - Create KPI

  • Create a KPI
  • Fill in the details of the KPI:
    Name - The name of the KPI
    Description - The description of the KPI
    Goal - Describe the goal of the KPI, in this case the units in stock may not be too low
    Unit of measure - This is the unit in which the value is measured
    Target Value - The value for the enterprise against which is measured
    Ranges - Here you can define several ranges for the KPI
    Select source type - The source of the KPI. In this case it is a webservice, which can not be selected yet in BOP4.0 and must be left empty.

  • Click Next
  • Now you select the Business Measure on which the KPI is based (Select '+') and fill in the parameters

  • Click Next

Now you have to select the value (XPath expression) on which you want to build your KPI. Do not forget to  check "Define Schedule". The schedule is used to call the measure within the defined timeframe within the schedule.

  • Click Next
  • In this screen you can enter the schedule times. DO not forget to check "Define Actions". These actions are triggered when the KPI is reached.

  • Click Next
  • In this screen you can define the Actions, For each action you have the following possibilities:
    - Notification
    - Invoke BPM
    - Call Webservice

Note that the Condition is the Range you have defined in the KPI definition previously.

This concludes the definition of this KPI. The Schedule can be activated by going to the Schedule Manager and execute the schedule for this KPI.


Your first Cordys Dashboard


Within an enterprise and on your processes you want monitoring. Monitoring is used to for example:
  • View the number of ongoing processes and its status
  • If certain KPI's are met
  • Triggering other processes when a certain event takes place
Cordys supports this in the form of BAM and uses certain constructs for this. In this Blog i will describe a small example on how to set up BAM and how to create Dashboards. It gives an idea on how this can be done in Cordys. I use the following picture in which the created Cordys artifacts are displayed.

Step 1 - Create a webservice

This step is not described here, but a webservice can be generated from a BPM, database or an external service can be used for example. Next i will use this webservice to create a Business Measure artifact.

Step 2 - Create a Business Measure

A Business Measure helps in measuring a particular aspect of a business process or any external data. The Business Measure provides a view on the selected attributes, contained in a Process Monitoring Object, a webservice or the external data source. In this case we use a webservice as the basis.

  • Create a new Business Measure
  • Fill in name and description
  • Select Graph because we will use it to show on a dashboard.
  • Create Measure From: Web Service
  • Select Object Source: GetProductsObjects
  • In this case we will show the products and ho much is in stock

  • Click Next
  • Select New and click Finish
A webservice is generated and a component is generated that can be used within a dashboard. 

Step 3 - Create a dashboard

Now we are creating an interface for the monitoring of the produkts in stock.
  • Create an XForm artifact
  • Drag-and-drop the Producktsinstock component (as shown in the previous step) on the UI
  • Click on Properties of this component

In the properties you can choose how the data should be displayed.
View - The type of dashboard used. In this case i choose for Bar Chart. There are a couple more possibilities
Business Object - Here you select the data that is to be used from the webservice. In this case the Old tuples  contain the products. 
X-Axis fields - Here you select the attribute that is used for the X-axis. In this case the ProductName.
Y-Axis - Here we choose the UnitsInStock attribute.

Because the webservice requires two input parameters, these are given in the Input Parameters properties.

  • Select Preview and you will see you first Dashboard with Cordys BAM

Next time i will show how to create a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that triggers another process.


Cordys Fundamentals Certification

Previous week I got my Cordys Fundamentals Certification and I will explain how to prepare for this exam.
Of course it depends on the number of years/months experience you already have with the produkt. In my case i have done several projects already and i have almost three years experience.

The certification has three parts:

  1. Multiple choice questions
  2. Handson
  3. Interview
The most difficult part is the Multiple choice questions. This requires some study and this can be found on the Wiki. This gives a good overview of the questions you can expect.

In the handson part you get a couple of questions which you must make. You have 5 days for the questions and these are relatively easy. I suggest you do the Fundamentals training online which is available on the Wiki. In case you already have project experience then even this is not needed.

Within the interview you need to explain your solution of the handson and this is also easy if you made the questions yourself of course. The only problem i had was that the Indian persons were hard to understand. The interview is done with WebEx so I used the chat to repeat the questions.

More information can be found on the Cordys Wiki: https://wiki.cordys.com/display/cordyscert/Home


Cordys IE9 problems?

When i use IE9 to run Cordys 4.1 i run into a white screen. This can be avoided by running the explorer in IE8 mode. This can be done in the following way.

  1. Start IE9
  2. Press F12
  3. Go to Menu Document Mode and select the IE8 mode
  4. Close the window again and reload the Cordys page

Cordial 2012

This year's Cordial was held on the 9th and 10th October in Putten. The yearly event is getting more popular because it was packed. Some of the highlights for me:

  • A couple of very entertaining presentations with content. Must see:
    Freek Vermeulen on why organisations find it so difficult to change.
    Magnus Lindkvist  on the present and future trends
  • Meeting a lot of interesting people in the BPM field
  • Partner dinner with excellent food
  • Nice to hear that integration and BPM skills are still very much needed in the future :-)
  • See the CEO of Cordys in person
  • Presentation of CIZ of a project with Cordys Case Management. With Ciber i also participated within that project. So it was nice to hear of the succes
  • The partnership of Cordys and Aquima. A business rule engine that can be used seeming less with Cordys

And of course more can be found on http://www.cordys.com/resources

Looking forward to it again next year!