Creating KPI with Cordys BAM


In a previous Blog I showed how to create a Dashboard from a Business Measure. In this Blog I will show how to create a KPI (Key Performance Indicator). As can be seen from the picture, a KPI is based on a Business Measure. A Business Measure measures parts of a process or data and a KPI monitors whether the measured part reaches a particular value. So:
KPI helps to monitor and capture critical information pertaining to Business Process or Activity.

Step 1 - Create Business Measure for KPI

First you have to create a Business Measure on which the KPI will be based. In this example we take a Webservice as the source for the business measure.
  • Create Business Measure
  • Fill in the following details, and choose the correct Webservice
  • Click Next and Select New to create a new webservice
  • Click Finish
The Business Measure and its corresponding webservice is generated.

The UnitsinstocksMeasure can be used in a Dashboard.

Step 2 - Create KPI

  • Create a KPI
  • Fill in the details of the KPI:
    Name - The name of the KPI
    Description - The description of the KPI
    Goal - Describe the goal of the KPI, in this case the units in stock may not be too low
    Unit of measure - This is the unit in which the value is measured
    Target Value - The value for the enterprise against which is measured
    Ranges - Here you can define several ranges for the KPI
    Select source type - The source of the KPI. In this case it is a webservice, which can not be selected yet in BOP4.0 and must be left empty.

  • Click Next
  • Now you select the Business Measure on which the KPI is based (Select '+') and fill in the parameters

  • Click Next

Now you have to select the value (XPath expression) on which you want to build your KPI. Do not forget to  check "Define Schedule". The schedule is used to call the measure within the defined timeframe within the schedule.

  • Click Next
  • In this screen you can enter the schedule times. DO not forget to check "Define Actions". These actions are triggered when the KPI is reached.

  • Click Next
  • In this screen you can define the Actions, For each action you have the following possibilities:
    - Notification
    - Invoke BPM
    - Call Webservice

Note that the Condition is the Range you have defined in the KPI definition previously.

This concludes the definition of this KPI. The Schedule can be activated by going to the Schedule Manager and execute the schedule for this KPI.

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