Cordial 2012

This year's Cordial was held on the 9th and 10th October in Putten. The yearly event is getting more popular because it was packed. Some of the highlights for me:

  • A couple of very entertaining presentations with content. Must see:
    Freek Vermeulen on why organisations find it so difficult to change.
    Magnus Lindkvist  on the present and future trends
  • Meeting a lot of interesting people in the BPM field
  • Partner dinner with excellent food
  • Nice to hear that integration and BPM skills are still very much needed in the future :-)
  • See the CEO of Cordys in person
  • Presentation of CIZ of a project with Cordys Case Management. With Ciber i also participated within that project. So it was nice to hear of the succes
  • The partnership of Cordys and Aquima. A business rule engine that can be used seeming less with Cordys

And of course more can be found on http://www.cordys.com/resources

Looking forward to it again next year!

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