Oracle BPM Suite 11g in Pictures



Modeling tools and Users

Business/Enterprise Architect
  • Business Strategy
  • Implement Business Architecture
  • Process Analysis/documentation
Business User
  • Understands the business
  • High level business processes
Process Analyst
  • BPMN 2.0 expert (business view)
  • Understands the details of the business
  • Make implementation decisions
Process Developer
  • BPMN 2.0 expert (technical view)
  • WebServices, XML
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Implement processes and UIs

Collaborative Design

BPM Studio

Process Analytics

Social BPM

SOA Platform

End-to-End instance and Flow checking due to integrated platform.

BPMN 2.0 support

Change with BPMN 1.1 :
  • Model execution
  • Models are interchangeable
  • XPDL and BPEL were used to interchange and execute

Interactive task and workflow

BPM Studio supports Simulation.

BPM Studio Business Indicators

Snapshots of business indicators must be added to the workflow and this is a little awkward because it blurs the process model.

Good integration with BAM

Process Composer

Within BPM Studio you design templates and there you set the constraints which changes can be made within Process Composer.

Unstructured Processes

End Users can
  • Reassign, reroute, delegate tasks
  • Add users for a task

Business Rules

  • Decision tables
  • If-then rules
Can be changed in Process Composer.
Participants lists can be dynamically assigned using a Rule.

Enterprise Manager

Unified Security


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