Oracle / Sun strategy update

Today (27 januari 2010) there was a Oracle/Sun strategy update.
A small summary:

* Enterprise Manager (EM) is strategic (i.s.o. Suns Ops Center, they will be integrated)
* Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is strategic (i.s.o. Sun Directory Service, stays supported)
* WebCenter is strategic (Sun WebSpace investments are continued)
* SOA Suite is strategic (Suns OpenESB and JCAPS stay supported)
* JDeveloper is strategic (Netbeans lightweight IDE)
* WebLogic is strategic JavaEE (Glassfish stays reference implementation, JavaSE will use JRockit)
* Oracle Identity Management (OIM) is strategic

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SOA Suite 11g Composites and Error Hospital, be aware!

One of the better features of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g is the Error Hospital in which errors are handled uniformly accross SCA components. But you have to think twice before you use error retry mechanisms for a Composite within a SOA!

This because a Composite (or Service) can be used within Service Compositions. This is one of the Service Oriented principles (as can be read within the books of Thomas Erl). So a Service is not aware in which context it is (and may be) used. It can be part of a Business Service. So the Service can not decide how to handle errors and can certainly not have a manual recovery, because in some context this will be wrong.

Just be aware that your SCA Composite can always be a Service Composite member !!


Expose Services (always) on OSB or not?

With the support of SCA within the Oracle SOA Suite 11g you get basically two busses: The Mediator (the "old" OESB) and (as a separate product) the OSB 11g. The Mediator is positioned as wiring intra Composite and the OSB to wire enterprise Services.

A question that puzzles me is if it is wise to (always) expose all Services via the OSB?
In that case the OSB is your abstraction Service entry layer and all Services are reachable and configurable through the bus. This way you use the loose coupling strategy of Proxy- and Business Services within the OSB.

What is your experience or opinion on this?