Oracle SOA Foundation Practioner exam

The Oracle Middleware Fusion 11g stack has a certification path for SOA:
1Z0-451 Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner.
When you pass this exam you may call yourself: Oracle Service Oriented Architecture Infrastructure Implementation Certified Expert.

Today I passed the exam with 81% but I must say the questions were pretty detailed.
So you really must have practical experience with the Oracle SOA Suite 11g, but this is a good thing because that is where Certification is for.

Suggested preparation:
* Follow a SOA Suite 11g Bootcamp (or follow the book: Getting Started with Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1)
* Play with the product at home
* Follow the recommended learning path as mentioned here (for this you must be a registered Partner)

The questions are of high level and detailed level, with Choose Applicable, True/False, and Select Correct type of questions.

A CIBER colleague of mine also passed this exam: Michel Christianen


  1. Hi, I would like to where the preparation material is available for this certification?

  2. Follow the first link in my blog post above. You need to be Oracle partner.

    You can follow the bootcamp or book.

  3. please send me sample question on shivranjani87@gmail.com

  4. Hello,
    I do not have a working exposure to Oracle SOA, Could you please suggest if I can still attempt to get 1Z0-451 Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner.? How usefull wil it be without any practical knowledge..


  5. @rahulbh You can try by reading a book about Oracle SOA Suite or you can read the online documentation. I also suggest to install the SOA Suite locally so that you get some practice.
    I do not understand your question "How usefull will it be without any practical knowlegde"?
    You can attempt without practical knowledge but it has more value of course when you are able to use it within a real project.

    Good luck!

  6. Hello,
    I have red your block and i must say that they are very informative and good. I Really appriciate on that.
    I am new to Oracle SOA i have red a lot about that and have knowlodge about all the basic components like BPEL,Mediator ...etc. my problem is that when i go for an interview and if inetrview ask me the theory based question then i handle it efficiently but when they ask senario based question like some practical question then i got stuck for example some one asked me like
    suppose there are 2 systems and we need to integrate these two different system using the SOA layer in between System has AccountId and System B has condidateId where candidateId is the unique key to represent the candidate in system B and AccountId represent the data in system A of the corresponding candidate of the system B.
    Now where the mapping of data for the system A and B will be so that soa layer can extract data for the candidate.
    Note: system A only recognise the AccountId and System B doesn't know the accountid but only knows the candidateid.

    what will be the answer of this? where can i get these senario based question and answers.
    is there any book or tutorials you can refer?

  7. Hello ???,

    You need to have good knowledge on the concepts of SOA and an Enterprise Service Bus.
    I like the books of Thomas Erl (See http://www.servicetechbooks.com/)

    In your case you have to have a mapping table somewhere to get the relation between the IDs.

    Hope this helps a little?


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