Cordys BOP External Services Configurator


For external webservices within the UDDI connector you have the possibility to configure the endpoints of the webservice.
This way in each environment (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production) you have a way to configure the endpoint differently.
You can use the External Service Configuration. However when I did this i ran into a problem.

Import WSDL

To use an external webservice you can import the WSDL.
  • Goto Workspace Folder where you want to create the webservice (probably a Web Services Folder somewhere).
  • Right-click New > Other > Web Service
  • Select Import WSDL as the source, give it a name and description
  • Next you have to give up the URL where the WSDL is located
    Note: This can be ackward but for the moment not the issue i got

Give logical endpoint to the service

When you look at the properties of the imported webservice by double click on it you will see:

I advise to change the <serviceuri> into a more logical endpoint name instead of the one filled in after importing the WSDL.
This way you will be aware that the correct endpoint still has to be filled in within the External Services Configuration tool.

  • Goto External Services Configuration
  • There you will see the logical service uri and the physical endpoint

Problem when test webservice

However when i tested the webservice I got the following error:

So it appears that the logical endpoint is taken instead of the Service URL as defined within the External Services Configuration.


When you restart the UDDI connector it takes the correct endpoint.


  • Use logical names within the webservice properties
  • Define the real endpoint with External Services Configuration
  • Restart UDDI connector when the endpoint is changed

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