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The 14th and 15th September I visited the Cordial 2010 event with 5 of my CIBER colleagues. This is a small overview of the event and my findings.


The subtitle of the event was Accelerate Time To Value.
The whole message of the event was that the Cordys offerings will shorten your time to value, a promise of all BPM vendors, but I think Cordys can actually achieve it.

The majority of the presentations were about Cloud computing, so the terms IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and  BPaaS were mentioned a lot.
Cordys also has launched a new product in 2009 called Cordys Process Factory (CPF).
This new product was built on top of BOP4 and will nicely integrate with BOP4. The product is meant to build dynamic MashUps in the Cloud with little effort.
It abstracts the more complex features of BOP4, to make it simple to use. Cordys now can offer services on premise, in the cloud and both.

Per Jonsson was presenting on his first month as the new CEO of Cordys. Quiet, calm, smart Scandinavian gentleman, something different as oppose to the more energetic Jan Baan.
Jan Baan launched his book on BPM.
Theodoor van Donge, the CTO of Cordys, gave us a nice preview of the most important new features in Cordys FP1.

Product Update

Cordys Process Factory

  • New: MashApps on Mobile
  • New: Connection On-Premise
  • SSO
  • SAML2.0 to access On-Premise services
  • OAuth to access Cloud services


  • Multi Browser support in CWS (Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox)
  • Improved Internationalization
  • Context based help in modeling (showing the next possible steps possible)
  • BAM further aligned
  • Advanced task management features to handle a case
  • MDM modeller included in BOP4
  • Change tracking of Models
  • KPI in Processes in Activities
  • Less navigation needed during modelling

Cloud Provisioning

The Cordys Business Operations Platform complements the Business Operations Platform with automated provisioning and metering of applications for the Cloud.
  • New: Admins can maintain environments of customers and their applications offerings
  • New: External application can be partitioned over different clusters
  • New: Multi Browser support

Collaborative Engineering

Strategic Update

The mission of Cordys was mentioned by Hans de Visser (CMO):
We help our customers to improve their business operations with world-class, process oriented software which allows them to change and innovate the way they do business with greater speed and flexibility.

So What's Cordys?
  1. Cordys is one single platform
  2. Two propositions: 1-Business Operating Platform 2-Cordys Process Factory
  3. Three domains: 1-Integration 2-BPM 3-Composite Application Development
  4. Cloud
  5. Focus on vertical markets: Communications & Media, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing & Logistics, Government

Produkt Oriented --> Marketing Oriented
Development of the platform but implementations are done by Partners (like CIBER).

Multiple Deployment Models
On-Premise (BOP4)
Cloud (CPF)
Hybrid (BOP4/CPF)

Social Contextual Collaboration
Integration with Google Wave to collaborate
Integration with other social network tools (Facebook, Twitter, ..)


It is now possible to certify yourself in Cordys. First you need Fundamentals and then you have the option to specialize in BPMS Developer, UI Developer and Backend Developer.
In case you have all, you can name yourself Solution/Product architect.


Not all presentations were useful, but the time of the parallel sessions was also very limited (only 30 min for a presentation). This makes it difficult to tell the story.
Hopefully next year these sessions take more time.

I am very excited on the number of people that visited the event and met a lot of interesting people.
I am curious to see if the Process Factory product will gain momentum and I can't wait to use it for customers.
For the moment a SOA and use of BPM is already a big step for most customers, but BOP4 is a very good solution.
Its now time for Cordys to harvest after almost 10 years of development.

More can be read on http://cordial.cordys.com

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