How to explain Cordys BPM?

Today I got a question from Anita one of my Twitter followers:

"Most people just dont get the whole application, BPM, layered language, how do you explain Cordys to people?"

So to get a discussion going i post this question to my Blog so that we can discuss here !

A few questions come to me:
  • What do people don't get? The layering? The BPM language? Or the step towards Cordys?

The whole thing about BPM is that you get a flexible business architecture that is abstracting the business processes from the technical implementation.
This way you get technical flexibility as well as business flexibility. BPM brings business and IT together !

Cordys BOP4 is a platform that supports this notion of layering and processes with a service oriented architecture.
It follows the principles as set by Thomas Erl's SOA Principles.
Within the SOA patterns there is also the layering pattern:

This is about layering your Services into three abstraction layers. Thomas talks about
  • Task Services - A business service with a functional boundary directly associated with a specific parent business task or process.
  • Entity Services - A service centric service that bases its functional context and boundary one a related business entity.
  • Utility Services - Services that provide cross-cutting functionality, also known as application services or technology services.

When we talk about SOA layering you also see the 5-layering architecture. In those layering the presentation layer and application/data layer is added.

Within the Cordys BOP4 platform this is mapped to:
  • Visual Layer - XForms, WebBased GUI
  • Business Process Layer - BPM processes modelled with BPMN and exposed as WebServices
  • Business Service Layer - Entity Services modelled with BPMN and exposed as WebServices
  • Technical Service Layer - Application Connectors, like FTP, File and Database connectors, exposed as WebServices.
  • External Systems - These are the external systems that are used within the SOA/BPM architecture.

The WebServices is the Standardized Service Contract SOA Principle used within Cordys.

Can't wait to here your comments !


  1. Thanks Roger,

    I am new to Cordys stuff and had been wandering since a few days to understand about Cordys architecture.

    Your explanation is a short and effective one.
    If you have any more references or links on how to start developing application in cordys let me know.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hello Dinesh,
    Glad that you liked the architecture recap.
    There are some nice documents on the Cordys Community site: http://community.cordys.com

    For example: https://wiki.cordys.com/display/PI/2009/12/03/Insight+into+Cordys+BOP-4+Architecture

    Think you can get a member for free there.

    Regards, Roger

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  4. You can also find this article here:

  5. Dag Roger, nice post. Although I already knew how the Cordys stack maps to these layers, with being a visual learner myself, I really like, basic, visual, to the point posts like this rather than those that are dripping in business/technical/SOA jargon that dilute the point being made. Dit is een zeer goede post! (Yeah, my dutch is rubbish!)

  6. Hi Roger What is BPM Testing and what we test in Cordys automation?

    I need help.

  7. Hello Sriram,
    Please fill in the wordd "test" in the search box at the right corner of my blog.
    You will find some blog items about testing.
    Please let me know when you need more info and about what aspect.