Cordys: Contract First design


One of the principles of Service Design is Contract First. With this principle you first design the service contract of the service and then implement it. This blog item will show a small example within Cordys BOP4.

Contract First

First I will create a simple HRM Employee service first. The WSDL can be found here

Before you can use this WSDL you have to import the WSDL.
  1. Create a Project with com/examples Folders

  1. Create new Web Service document in com/examples Folder

  1. Select Import WSDL and name the service, click Next

  1. Now you have to fill in the URL of the WSDL. I have installed Cordys on my Windows machine and put my EmployeeService within the <CordysInstallDir>/Web directory. This way the WSDL is accessable through a URL. Select Show Services to view the service defined within the WSDL. Check Interface WSDL, because it is just the interface and not the implementation we are importing.
  1. Now you are able to use this as a basis to define a Contract Based Business Process Model. Create a new Business Process Model within the same Folder with the following Properties. You must check Contract and select the Interface just imported in the previous step.

  1. When you press OK, a skeleton Process is generated for you with Process messages.

Regards, Roger


  1. Hi Roger,

    The WSDL is not correct and can't be imported. Namespace s: should be XSD, the INPUT tag at line 28 is not closed and the SOAP namespace is defined in lower case. But the principle of CFD is made very clear.

  2. Hello Jan,

    Thank you for the remarks. It seems always difficult to import the WSDL into Blogger, so I have used a link now.