Cordys BOP4: Some pitfalls

1 - Exposed webservices not WSDL compliant

During exposing of a BPM process as a WebService or of a database (WS-AppServer) i ran into the problem that the generated WSDL was nog conform the
So when you run the webservice with a webservice client (for example soapUI) you get a response that is not compliant with the WSDL generated by Cordys BOP4.
This can be very ackward when using tools (for example thta generates JAX-WS) to generate the webservice client. In our case the XML response returned could
not be binded to the generated Java object. To circumvent this problem we adapted the WSDL file conform the implementation generated by BOP4 (CU9).

2 - Be aware when changing process message names

When you change the name of input- and/or output messages of a business process you have to be aware to change the data mapping inside the process and ALSO
the mappings that use this process.









3 - Spaces at the end are trimmed

I generated a webservice on a database table of type string and everything worked fine. Until a string was placed within a column that had spaces at the end.
When a query method was called the spaces were gone. In our case these spaces are very important.
A solution lies in a parameter within the generated implementation of the webservice. This is the preserveSpace="true" setting.


Ad 1 - This is solved within BOP4 CU10

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