Cordys: The ESB

I sometimes hear that Cordys is only a BPM tool. This blog item describes the ESB of the Cordys platform, also known as the SOA Grid.


The BPM layer of Cordys is built and runs on the SOA grid of the BOP4 platform. This SOA Grid is the integration ESB of Cordys.
It also has, like other ESBs, adapters to files, webservices, databases etc. It has transformation logic.
It is all on board but maybe somewhat hidden because it is integrated within the platform. All components are services and run on the SOA Grid.
It also uses maybe somewhat other terms you are already familiar with, like Service Groups, Service Containers, Application Connectors.

Service Messages

SOAP Messages over http are used to transfer service messages. Calling a service is done by sending a soap request.

The soap messages arrives at the webserver (Apache or IIS) and there the user is authenticated. The message is sent to the Cordys Web Gateway. There the message
is transferred to a Service Container. This is a container that processes the service request. In fact the service container is just one part of the implementation
of a Service Provider.

Such a Service Provider contains Connection Points, that defines the entry point of the service container. Several protocols can be used here like JMS, TCP/IP, MSMQ.
The Service Container part is responsible for the routing and for passing the request to the proper Application Connector (also known as Adapter).
This Application Connector is the connection to the backend systems.
So how gets a service request routed to the correct Service Container.

Service Groups and Service Containers

Each web service operation has a namespace attribute and these operations are grouped in Web Service Interfaces. These are stored in LDAP.

Service Groups are also stored in LDAP and they contain access and routing information. It is a logical entity to group a set of service containers.
All interfaces in the service group share the same namespace and together with the operation name the request can be routed to the correct container.

More info can be found on http://wiki.cordys.com


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