soapUI: Use of JMS

For the use of JMS steps within soapUI it integrates with HermesJMS. So first you have to install HermesJMS (version 1.14 or greater).

Configure HermesJMS

To be able to use HermesJMS with OSB 10gR3 you have to configure the hermes-config.xml file.


Configure soapUI (3.5.1)

  • Select File > Preferences
  • Select Tools
  • At Hermes JMS fill in the directory where you installed Hermes
  • Click OK

Use JMS Queues/Topics within a TestSuite

  • Select a Binding of a project
  • Right-click Add JMS endpoint

  • Browse to the folder where you have placed the hermes-config.xml file (usually document and settings/.hermes)
  • Select Session
  • Select a Publish destination
  • (Optionally) select a Subscribe destination

Note: All your defined endpoints can be found:
  • Right-click binding > Show Interface Viewer
  • Select Service Endpoints tab

Now you are able to send a soap message to a JMS Queue/Topic destination just by selecting the JMS endpoint in the test step.

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