soapUI: Use of dynamic enpoints in OTAP street

When you have an OTAP (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production) street you want to sent your soap requests, jdbc requests and JMS requests to be sent to different endpoints depending on the environment you are running the test. This small blog shows how you can do this.

First you define the properties you need for your endpoints. You do this on project level.
  • Select project
  • Select Custom Properties tab
  • Add the needed properties

  • Save the properties to a file, i.e. properties_dev.txt (this is the icon on the far right)
  • Copy the file and also make properties_tst.txt, properties_acc.txt and properties_prod.txt

Now that you defined the properties we are ready to use them within test steps.

SOAP Request step

Note:You can change the endpoint by select [edit current..]
Note: For a JMS endpoints holds the same, just add a property with jms://<host> <port>

JDBC Request step

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