What happened with SOA?

I came accross this article about the question "What happened to SOA?"

It is stated that the technical SOA part is a succes but within the whole enterprise it fails (most of the time).
It fails most of the time because its still is damn difficult to close the gap between business and IT and SOA does not help either as hard numbers, blogs and experience show.

What came to my mind were two things,
  1. enterprise architecture must give you control over your IT (applications, hardware and interfaces). If you reach this point, it does not matter how it is setup (SOA may help). As long as you can keep the operational costs low. So make posters and communicate the architecture, something i see rarely done.
  2. Projects are too complex and big, so maybe we should start thinking small features/processes and use Agile methologies and start having multidiscipline teams with business representatives in it, instead of staying in the ivory towers of the IT department.

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