SOA and Agile a good match?

Everytime when I see efforts in trying to implement a SOA within an enterprise you see the gap stays between the IT department and the business. It is very hard to sell SOA to the business, even if the concept of Services is close to the mindset of the business.
So can Agile development be a good approach?

I mean Agile has Customer collaboration as one of its key principles in its Manifesto. I see a lot of big project contracts made which are stopped or constantly changing, so why not collaborate more with the customer (business) and establishing the Services together?!
This will perhaps change the gap, and the Agile approach is not only for user interface design as I also hear a lot. Why not for integrating systems and implementing business processes? These processes can also be broken down in small peaces.
And why should the business be in different work locations as the IT department?
So I think that the Agile approach can be a good way to bringing the business and IT together.

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