Should a SOA Architect be certified?

I am currently following the SOA Certified Architect traject at SOASchool and have finished my first module (jippie). For me the reason to be certified are:
  • It gives you a good basis to understand what SOA is all about
    This way you can put this into better perspective when using or selecting SOA tools like ESB and BPM. I always compare it with learning first Object Orientation before diving into C++ or Java. This way I truely believe you get better (reusable, maintainable) code.
  • Just that little more focus on the content then by just reading a good SOA book
    It forces you to really study the material.

  • It helps when planning an architecture roadmap
    I know that you always get presented the ideal SOA picture, but at least it helps you when you have to define a SOA roadmap. It also helps you where to give attention and what kind of discussions you have to do. This way it will help to change the mindset of developers/designers/architects/business.

However the question remains "What is the value of this certification within the market and how is it valued by customers?". I still do not discover the questions by customers, but Java certifications are valued. Maybe it is a question of time?

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