Integrating Subversion into Eclipse 3.x

This blog is about the steps to take to integrate Subclipse into Oracle Workshop for Weblogic 10.3.

1) Goto Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install ...
2) Check "Search for new features to install
3) Click on the "New Remote Site.." button
4) Enter the next information in the dialogue:

5) Select the new site and click Finish

6) The screen shows the features that can be selected, check as shown below and click Next

7) Accept the license agreement, click Next
8) Click the Finish button on the Installation dialogue
9) The software is downloaded.

10) At the Feature Verification dialogue, click Install All
11) You have to Restart Eclipse, so choose Yes
12) The choose Window -> Open Perspective -> Other and choose SVN Repository Exploring

13) Now you can add your repositories.
14) You can change the SVN preferences, under Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN

And thats it.

You are now also able to check out projects from the repository:
1) Goto the Project Explorer and choose Import

2) Select to import from SVN

3) Choose an existing Repository or create a new one (see step 13)
4) Choose Next and off you go.

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