XQuery use within OSB, watch out!

I came accross an issue when using an XQuery resource within an assign. I could not see the binding variable, it turned out that the external variable within the .xq code was not used within the XQuery code. In this case the OSB does not show the variable!

I entered the next code:

Then I wanted to use this .xq within an Assign and opened the XQuery Expression Editor. However the Variable Binding (which is used to assign a value to the externally defined XQuery variable) is not shown:

When I now actually use the external variable:

The OSB now shows the variable:

So watch out when tou are setting up the code, that you actually use the external variable otherwise the OSB does not show you the variable!


  1. Ey... I just was wondering why my params are not shown in the OSB 10gR3 XQuery Expresssion editor *argh* Thx for this hint, now it works!


  2. thanks guy, you saved me a day! had the same problem :(