BEA WebLogic: The NodeManager

The NodeManager is an important part of a weblogic server and this blog will give a short introduction and more detailed information on system administration can be found here.

Node Manager is a WebLogic Server utility that enables you to start, shut down, restart, and monitor remote WebLogic Server instances. To enable these capabilities, you run an instance of Node Manager on each physical machine in your domain.
WebLogic Server provides two versions of Node Manager, Java-based and script-based, with similar functionality. However, each version has different configuration and security considerations.
  • Java-based Node Manager runs within a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) process (start as a service). BEA provides native Node Manager libraries for Windows, Solaris, HP UX, Linux on Intel, Linux on Z-Series, and AIX operating systems.
  • A script based version is provideded for UNIX and Linux systems. This script is based on UNIX shell scripts, but uses SSH for increased security. SSH uses user-id based security.
Access Node Manager
The node manager can be accessed from:
  • Administration Server (Console or JMX utilities that you write)
  • WLST commands and scripts

What can you do with the Node Manager?

  • Start, Stop, Restart admin server
  • Start, shut down, suspend and restart Managed Servers
  • Monitor servers and view log files
    Node Manager creates a log file for the Node Manager process and a log file of server output for each server instance it controls.

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