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Hello !
Nice to meet you on this Blog.
My name is Roger van de Kimmenade and i currently work for SynTouch Netherlands.
I am a consultant within the area of enterprise architecture, system integration and business process management.

I started this Blog in 2008.

So Why this Blog?

  1. Store problems i face within my work
    The reason to start this blog was to publish articles on problems i face when doing my job. So that in other projects i can look for solutions i already faced.
  2. Share information
    Then i saw that there came comments on my posts, so i also started posting interesting articles i see within the field. And to share this information with the world.
  • Share your thoughts and comments whenever you like!
  • When you want to advertise on my Blog, contact me

Enjoy reading my blog !

PS All content is my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of my employer



  1. Hi Roger,
    Hope you’re doing good. This is w.r.t the Blog: The blog clears highlights the performance issues w.r.t Cordys. Was very informative and useful. Great work!! Glad to have read it. Also if you can highlight the common performance issues with cordys other than Memory(heap), that would be really helpful(like Webcontainers/Database connections). Anyway thanks for a great article.

  2. Please have a look here:

  3. Thanks Roger!!