Cordys bought by OpenText. And now?

OpenText has bought Cordys.
Some links:




From these articles we can conclude for now that:

  • OpenText wants to expand on BPM and Case Management
  • OpenText want to become leader within Cloud and PaaS marketplace
  • Cordys will be referred as OpenText Cordys 

As a certified Cordys Solution Architect I wonder:

  • What will remain of the Cordys produkts?
  • How will current clients be supported by OpenText?
  • What will be used of the strong Cordys Cloud proposition with its multi-tenant concept?
  • Will the user interfaces of Cordys be adapted, so a uniform interface will be used on multiple process engines?
  • How will Cordys be integrated within the current BPM offerings of OpenText
  • Will Cordys get a greater customer base?

We will find out the next months ...


First Cordys Certified Solution Architect

I am a proud man !

Today i received my Cordys Solution Architect Certification. I am the first Certified Solution Architect and thats why what makes it so special.

I started the certification program back in 2012 with the Cordys Solution Architect program. It was a three days course on several aspects of the Cordys BOP produkt.
After that I got myself three certificates:
* Cordys Fundamentals
* Cordys BPMS
* Cordys Solution Architect

For each certification you had to go through three phases: theoretical exam, practical exam and an interview where you have to defend your practical solution.

More can be read here: https://wiki.cordys.com/display/cordyscert/Home