Installed Cordys BOP4.2 CU1

When i installed Cordys Bop4.2 CU1 i ran into two problems which i wanted to share with you.
My environment: Windows Server 8 R2, MySql 5.5, Java 1.7

I followed the installation documentation of Cordys: https://wiki.cordys.com/display/bop42/Cordys+BOP+4.2+Documentation

I was able to install CARS without any problems. The I installed BOP with default configurations. I had a clean database, so I let Cordys create the database, but then the installation failed with a "Could not execute database scripts". I contacted Cordys and this appeared to be a known bug. You have to create the database schema first:

GRANT ALL ON Cordys.* TO root IDENTIFIED BY '%password%';

So happy that this worked, I installed it again and it went fine. Until the base packages had to be installed. It failed with a NULL pointer exception with an error message I did not understand. 

It turned out that the Cordys Monitor could not be started. So I contacted Cordys again and this appeared another issue.
Today I saw this on the Cordys Wiki: https://wiki.cordys.com/display/PI/2013/06/06/Issue+with+Java+Update+21

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