Kabisa ESB

Today i came accross an ESB of Kabisa ICT. They have a produkt called Kabisa ESB.
This is a short blog item just to write down what i came to know about this ESB.

Well first of all it is based on Apache Camel (for routing and mediation) and Apache Service Mix.
Service Mix is an implementation of JBI (Java Business Integration) standard.

On top of that Kabisa has made a graphical designer (FlowDesigner) to integrate your systems and to setup complex workflows and data streams.

No more information on the site w.r.t FlowDesigner, so i asked for documentation. Hope to blog on this tool more soon ....


Cordys BPMS Certification in da house !

Friday i received my official Cordys BPMS Certification.
With proud i present you:

Next goal is the Cordys Solution Architect Certification ....


Cordys Solution Architect Certification

Tomorrow i have my first theoretical exam of the Cordys Solution Architect Certification.
For this theoretical part you have to know:

  • SOA
  • CAF
  • CWS
  • Security parts
I did not have much time to prepare the exam, so i am curious tomorrow....

The next part of this certification is a handson that takes 15 calendar days.
The third part is that you give a presentation of a business case where you took part of as a Solution Architect.
The fourth part is that you publish a new article, solution pattern, or best practice on the community.

So a lot to go for, ....




One of my favorite tools is TweetDeck, so in fact Twitter.
I use TweetDeck to tweet what i am doing and thinking. But most of all i use it to see what is going on within the field. This blog item describes the way i use TweetDeck.

Tips and Tricks

Of course you need a TwitterAccount to tweet.

1 - Use Lists

I follow a lot of people and therefore my stream is very large. So how can you filter your stream?
You can create as much List as you like and assign twitter accounts to Lists.

I use the Lists as follows.
* I use list for Interesting tweets
* People i know: Know

You can add Twitter Accounts to Lists:
  • Click on the Account

2 - Use Columns

You can add Columns in which you can show all type of Tweets. I use it to show Lists i currently interested in or i use it for topics i currently interesting in. For example on Cordys.
  • You select Add Column
  • Select the Search and type Cordys

Now you will see all tweets related to Cordys:

You can choose to add a lot of other Column types. Try them.

I find TweetDeck a very usefull tool !