Cordys BPMS Certification

This month i started the BPMS Certification of Cordys. I already have my Fundamentals Certification.
My final goal is to get the Solution Architect Certification.

The certification has three parts:

  • Theoretical exam
  • Handson exam
  • Interview
Within the theoretical exam you are supposed to answer 60 questions within 1 hour. The questions can be made online and are quite detailed. You really have to know your stuff. In fact in my first attempt i only got 71% and you have to get 75%. So i took it too lightly.

The handson is one big case that you have to work out. It is also bigger (of course) than the exercises you get with the Fundamentals. You have 10 working days for the handson.

After the handson you get an interview. In this interview you have to explain your solution and you get answers about the handson.

Some tips:
  • Really dive into the learning path. You do not really have to follow a training course, you can do it self paced. 
  • Also install the Cordys VM and practice
  • Especially focus on the themes you do not often use in practice (especially BAM in my case)

I have my interview on the 8th of April, so looking forward to it and up to the Solution Architect exam ! ....

To be continued ....


  1. It seems that BPMS is much more difficult...
    How's the exam going? Looking forward to your 'to be continued':)

    1. Hello Ying Hu,
      I have finished my exam and i am BPMS certified now. The theoretical part is difficult and fairly detailed. The handson exam is also more difficult than the fundamentals, but this is a good thing. It really shows that you got the handson !
      I really encourage to study the learning track !
      Would you like to know more, please reply.

      Regards, Roger

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