Cordys Fundamentals Certification

Previous week I got my Cordys Fundamentals Certification and I will explain how to prepare for this exam.
Of course it depends on the number of years/months experience you already have with the produkt. In my case i have done several projects already and i have almost three years experience.

The certification has three parts:

  1. Multiple choice questions
  2. Handson
  3. Interview
The most difficult part is the Multiple choice questions. This requires some study and this can be found on the Wiki. This gives a good overview of the questions you can expect.

In the handson part you get a couple of questions which you must make. You have 5 days for the questions and these are relatively easy. I suggest you do the Fundamentals training online which is available on the Wiki. In case you already have project experience then even this is not needed.

Within the interview you need to explain your solution of the handson and this is also easy if you made the questions yourself of course. The only problem i had was that the Indian persons were hard to understand. The interview is done with WebEx so I used the chat to repeat the questions.

More information can be found on the Cordys Wiki: https://wiki.cordys.com/display/cordyscert/Home

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