Cordys: Connectors open source

Taken from Cordys Wiki:

Cordys has always had two types of connectors. The first group of connectors are developed and supported by the Cordys platform engineers. Examples include the E-mail and the FTP connector. The second group of the connectors are developed and supported by the former Cordys professional services group (a.k.a. COE). Examples include the JMS connector and Command Connector.

Some time ago the professional services group moved to CSC, leaving the status of the professional services connectors a bit unclear. People were still maintaining professional services connectors, but it became more difficult because they needed to focus on CSC projects. Not on maintaining the connectors.

Another development is the creation of alternatives for platform connectors. The development of platform alternative takes a lot of time and blocks the possibility of including the enhancements into the product since they were on a different code base. So Cordys had to revise its strategy. One particular idea that kept showing up, both within as outside of Cordys: make the platform and professional services connectors open source. External developers will then be able to customize and enhance a connector instead of rebuilding it from scratch and Cordys will have the option to include a snapshot of the open source connector into the platform. Connectors shipped with Cordys will have support, which makes the customers happy.

The last two weeks this idea was validated with customers, partners and colleagues. All parties were positive about the overall idea. Thus Cordys decided to go forward with it.

The next step is creating a concrete proposal which includes details like timing, a definition of what Cordys support means, the location sources and a list of connectors to start with. 

This is a good idea and will hopefully increase the number of connectors and also the quality. Looking forward to it.

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  1. It's a very good initiative. This helps to grow Cordys developer community.