File Connector for Cordys BOP4

When I wanted to use files to read from a directory I had to install the file connector of Cordys. Unfortunately I could not find much documentation of it on the Cordys wiki, so I started to find it out myself. This blog guides you through the installation, configuration and use of the File Connector package.

I use the latest BOP4 VM environment and the file connector isv package can be found here.

Install ISV Package

  • Goto Application Registry (Note: This is only available within organization "system")

  • Select Install New Applications
  • Click “Upload New Application”
  • Select the .isvp file (in our example the CoE_File Connector_1.2.14.isvp)
  • Check “Cordys CoE File Connector 1.2” and click “Start Installation”

  • Click Next

  • Check the connector and click next
  • Click Install
  • The package should be installed and the next window is shown

  • Click Finish


  • Goto System Resource Manager
  • Show All Service Groups
  • New Service Group

  • Select File Connector and Next
  • Fill in Service Group Details

  • Click Next
  • Fill in Service Container Details

  • Click Next
  • Fill in File Connector configuration where to read files

  • Click Next
  • Leave Connection Point Details default settings
  • Click Finish
  • Notice in the Service Containers window that the File Connector is starting or started

Configuring of File Polling

  • In the File Connector just created you can configure the Reader- and Writer configurations
  • Goto Properties of the File Connector
  • Click the File Connector Tab

  • Go to the XMLStore

  • Create fileconnector and config directories
  • Create New Item within config directory: reader-config.xml


      cn=Student1,cn=organizational users,o=Organization1,cn=cordys,cn=defaultInst,o=cordys.com
        Business Process Models/FunctieDeclaratie
        Run from Directory Poller

Use of File Interface

  • In WebServices Folder in the Workspace select Add Runtime Reference – Webservice Interface

  • Select File Connector and click Finish

  • Now you can use the methods within a Process

  • When you run the operation you can get the error:
    “Student1 not in the any role …”. This is due to the fact that the user has to have the “everyone” role (Do not forget to check “Include internal roles”)


  1. Have you tried poller-config to trigger a business process when receiving a file ?
    I am in touch Cordys guy but can not make it work. The file I am trying to retrieve is on remote server (Iseries / IFS) which is mounted on the Linux Cordys server.

  2. I only got the operations work and not the polling mechanism. Did you manage to retrieve the file locally on the Linux Cordys Server? Or is the file picked up but the process is not executed ?

  3. Hi Roger,

    The issue was coming from permissions on the ISeries side, the service could not move the files when attempting to poll. Changed the permissions and it is ok...


  4. how to create custom connector?