JDBC error when deploying

I encountered the following exception when deploying a JDBC configuration to Weblogic Server:
 com.rsa.jsafe.JSAFE_PaddingException: Could not perform unpadding: invalid pad byte.

After some analysis this error occurs when you encrypted the password for the JDBC connection in another domain as where you deploy the JDBC configuration.
Conclusion: You should always encrypt on the same Domain as you deploy the configuration !

PS The password is encrypted within the password-encrypted element.


Oracle Workspace Studio: Validation failed with diagnostic messages

The last couple of days i run into Oracle Workspace Studio problems.
They are of the form:
Validation failed with diagnostic messages. Diagnostics for WSDL xxxxx
    ERROR: <0> Validation of xxx  failed:

The only remedy i found so far is to create a new Workspace and import the project(s).