Federated SOA

This week I had a discussion about a federated ESB and functional domains. It is widespread known that a CDM within an enterprise is hard to achieve and that's why the enterprise is divided in functional domains. However a common mistake often made, is that this division is done on a 1-by-1 mapping to the organisational divisions.
Reasons I hear:
* "Then we can make this department responsible for those processes"
* ".. and those department is responsible for those systems/applications"
This again is the silo-based concept of thinking.
This division is furthermore also visible in the division of domains within the IT landscape (federated ESBs). But if there is one variable that often changes it will be the organisation. Also most processes will span multiple areas and it is very difficlut to keep that in one domain. However the business of the organisation and the functions the business must offer is more stable.

So divide your SOA landscape on a functional basis is my personal opinion and not on a organisational basis.
What's your experience?

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